Christine K Lee

Profile Updated: January 19, 2015
Class Year: 1968
Residing In: Torrance, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Former: Tom Kelly (Class of 67)
Occupation: Substance Abuse Counselor / Retired
Children: Seth Kelly born 1976; Joel Kelly born 1980
Our sons are very bright and talented men, with good More…values and loving hearts. And one grandson, 4 years old.....the joy of my life!!
Yes! Attending Reunion
School Story:

This is not a school story, it's what happened after graduation.....
Graduated barely, not the academic type for sure. Had too much fun to get involved in school programs or athletics...followed the philosophy of Dr Leary...Turn on, Tune In, Drop Out.....I didn't drop out of school, but I was quite uninvolved and very detached from the social and academic aspects of school. When I got my transcripts from West High to go to El Camino (I'm a bit more motivated as an adult) I was shocked at how I barely graduated from school. Good thing because I would never have stuck around to make up units. My salvation was that you could actually get your 5 units for a class even if you got a D!! Sad....I'm really not proud of this, but oh well!

Right after graduation I got married, my hubby was in the Coast Guard stationed in Yorktown Virginia so I moved there. What a culture shock for a south bay kid to move to the deep south!! It was good though, it's a really beautiful place to live. The variety of trees and birds was really amazing and interesting. We lived by an outlet of the Chesapeake Bay, and we had big crabs that made tunnels around everywhere. The cats would stand guard just outside the holes, where there were mounds of dirt about 8" high. They would get curious and poke their feet in there to feel around for a critter.
Marshes surrounded our neighborhood and you could see snakes...copper snakes (poisonous ugh) swimming through the marsh. The poverty and horribly deteriorating homes around us was disturbing, families with too many people living in a home with no indoor plumbing, outhouses in the back yard, and scruffy dogs covered with ticks roaming around on the property...I'm glad I don't live there now, but it was a good way to grow up very quickly. We returned in late 1972 and stayed in the south bay.

I am looking forward to leaving here in the spring, moving to Minnesota where I was born and have lots of family. I am buying a home and going to live a better life there than I can here. Since I'm retired I don't have to worry about driving to work through snow and hail and sleet....I can stay home and warm and dry....cuddle with the big dog I can have when I'm not living in an apartment.

The property has enough room to build a barn, get some goats raise them to keep the grass under control. It's a small town, Cannon Falls. I can hardly wait to get out of here. Too many people, too much stress, and too expensive. I'm hoping my sons will come to live there, and that my grandson can grow up away from here where the people are gentler and the air is clean, really clean.

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Anyone who knew Gary knows that he was a great guy, one of the kindest and nicest men I ever met. He and Anita and their children attended the church I go to. It was painful seeing Gary grow thinner and in time he just wasn't able to attend at all.  Knowing those children were going to have to see their father pass on was terribly sad. 

I knew Gary in Elementary School, we were in the same grade.  He lived across the street from Anza Elementary on Lee Street, and was one of the quiet guys that never caused trouble. He was shy, and it was back in the 50s when girls chased the boys....we were about 8 years old in 2nd grade.  He was friends with Mike Constantino, who still lives in the area. But Mike didn't stay in public school, he went to St James and then Bishop Montgomery. He and Gary ran away from the boy chasers, so I'm not sure what would have happened if they ever had gotten caught.  I don't even know why we were chasing them, but things were really different then.  Girls had to wear dresses to school, and then we had to participate in PE, so it was a challenge to remain 'ladylike' when we were running bases or getting hit at Dodgeball.  Kids have it better today, wearing more practical attire for school. Back then boys seemed to find it a real kick to sneak up from behind and pull up a skirt for the entertainment of their buddies.  

Gary's memorial was attended by more people than I have ever seen at a memorial. The church was packed, and friends and family gathered afterward to share memories and find comfort from one another.  He was loved in life and missed in his passing. May he be at peace with no suffering or pain, and watch over his children from heaven.  

May his family find comfort in the loving memories of his friends.  We have his graduation picture on the Memorial Board at our reunions.  It's sad how many of our classmates have passed on. 

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