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10/03/12 04:20 PM #2    

Larry Stillwell (1968)

Thanks Danny for the information ,and your presence at the Reunion I think that we kind of blew mr Fenn away when we doubled up on that last tenor note,Mr Fenn looked over at us like wow who was that,at the hootenanny,with that smile of yours how can we help from being happy. I Love you my brother! Larry Stillwell

05/18/13 07:59 AM #3    

Bob White ((Stites)) (1979)

I Am looking for Paul Johnson Class of 1969.... He was pals with Rick Peterson I know " Coach Pete's Son...." He also worked as a Teachers Aide at WHS I met him there in like 1977-8-9 Have been looking for him on these sites for along time if anybody KNOWS anything about Paul PLEASE POST!

Thanks Bob White "Stites" Class of '79

05/26/14 01:07 PM #4    


James Dilts (1963)

To my classmates from the very 1st and 2nd classes of West High School. That's classes '63 and '64.. Jim Dilts here again. I was reviewing our classmate lists to see if there were any new listings and found a very unique piece of information. 10% of the class of '63 has passed on. A sad bit of news to say the least. I would like to pass on a suggestion to all my classmates. If any of my classmates have ever wondered what has happened to our friends from High School and would like to keep in contact with others from our class, this is an excellent location to do so. Or a least, a place to start. Perhaps a place to share information by leaving messages to old friends to begin the reconnection process. I for one have left as much information as I can and hope you all can do the same. Pictures are helpful also. Perhaps some may not care, however, hopefully many will.


Since my class did not enjoy a 50th class reunion, this would be a great way to stay connected to our old friends. I guess I was very lucky to have known most of my classmates. (Only 100) I treasured all of my friendships and relationships from school. Most of us found some very strong bonds then and many of us have kept those bonds. It's my sincere hope that many more of you all will reconnect with your high school memories, and make an honest effort to re-establish those long lost connections. Remember those years when you were formulating your young adult ideals and establishing your principals and futures. Now you can share those wonderful stories with your old friends and learn about theirs. I hope I hear from many of you. My high schools years were some of the best years of my life.

Your friend and classmate, James Dilts

12/05/14 12:44 AM #5    


Carol Pollard (Edic) (1971)

I am trying to find my friend, Madelyn Smith. I beleive she married Mike Love and moved to Oregon, a few years after graduation. Then we lost track of each other. We were all class on 1971. If anyone knows how to contact her, please let me know. You can send her my contact info, ie: email.

THANKS. Carol Pollard Edic

12/05/14 09:42 AM #6    

Kathy Burke (1981)


I suggest your try Facebook, there are a lot of WHS Alumni there and a couple of groups you can look through to find your friend.





12/05/14 08:10 PM #7    

Denese Russell (1967)

I'm updating the roster for the class of 67 and looking for missing classmates. I have posted on Facebook and the West High Facebook page the classmates with the last names beginning with A and B that were looking for. If you have information on any of these please contact me either on classmates or on Facebook. We are looking forward to a 50 year reunion in 2017 and now is the time that we need to update. If you think you might have information on somebody that were missing please contact me with the name and I'll let you know whether or not we have current information.  Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thanks

12/11/14 04:37 PM #8    


Carol Pollard (Edic) (1971)

Great news! Madelyn's younger brother Doug contacted me with Madelyn's info! I forgot to ask him what year he graduated. THANK YOU DOUG!

01/22/15 04:25 PM #9    

Elaine Sidio (Pisu) (1970)

MIKE ANSON Warrior from the Class of 1964 passed away in 2014 and left behind a wonderful son Rory Anson who lives in Portland Oregon with his wife and two sons.  Rest In Peace Mikebroken heart

01/29/15 03:10 PM #10    

Roberta Feist (Thompson) (1975)

Any info on a 40th reunion for the Class of 1975?

01/30/15 07:40 AM #11    

Ed Taylor (1972)

I have not heard anything about any reunions in 2015. If you are interested in getting one started for your Class please let me know. 

01/30/15 12:27 PM #12    


Tina White (White) (1975)

Regarding a 40th Reunion for the Class of 1975: 

A few of us have discussed this - likely more than one group of us - and there is a general interest in doing something relatively informal (i.e. inexpensive, local to Torrance, casual).  I will take the plunge and put it out there that I am willing to work on putting this together with anyone else so interested.  If anyone reading this would like to participate in that effort, feel free to email me at:

~ Tina White

01/30/15 08:04 PM #13    

Grace S Harris (Kingsbury) (1974)

Better get busy! Reunions take a while to put together! has a free reunion page. Also post on Facebook to find as many classmates as possible. And of course this is an excellent website to alert classmates of reunions. Ed Taylor did a great job for the WHS Class of 74 reunion!


Grace Kingsbury

Committee member Class of 74 reunionwink

04/01/15 05:35 PM #14    

Ed Taylor (1972)

In Memory of Mark T. Vasquez
 Police Officer Badge #307
 Service 7/29/2005 - 5/15/2011

Be the one to save a life:

TEAM 307 has joined with the American Red Cross:  for a platelet and blood drive. This drive starts March 9TH ending May 15,2015  at the American Red Cross Center, located at 2814 Sepulveda Blvd. Suit E, Torrance CA 90505. To register, Ely 310-530-7705, email, or go to your nearest Red Cross Center near your home or work and just mention you are there to donate for TEAM 307 OUT OF TORRANCE, CA 90505.(Platelets or Blood  for Team 307) Ely will make all the arrangements for you and your group.

Platelets are the life-saving clotting component in blood. They are used to help save the lives of people battling cancer, leukemia, open heart surgery, bone marrow and liver transplants and platelet disorders. They are needed constantly, as they are only viable for 5 days after donation. A platelet donation is transfused to a patient within 2 days. A typical platelet donation lasts about 2 hours but you do get to watch a movie of your choice and relax during the donation. Appointments are available every single day. Refreshments are available for you afterwards, Juices, chips, granola bars all free of charge, cold bottled water.

This is a TEAM 307 event:  we are holding this event in honor of Mark T. Vasquez, Jeff E. Goodrich, Joseph Intermill, Steve Kroesen, Andrew Garton , Leonard Luna Jr. and Anthony Tanori  and all those that have lost their life in the last years due to some form of cancer or accident. All of these people aforementioned are the true definition of a Hero. So let us honor them by calling all your friends and family members to make an appointment to give a life-saving donation in their name to TEAM 307.

Members we are honoring:    

Mark T. Vasquez   MBPD  Sea Hawk/ West Torrance  High School Warrior Baseball                            

Joseph P. Intermill         WTHS                          Warrior Baseball- West Torrance Baseball

Jason S. Orp                  WTHS                            Warrior Football-Baseball

Jeffery E. Goodrich        MBPD                          Palos Verdes High School Soccer-AYSO

Steven P. Kroesen         LBPD/TPD                   Detective /San Pedro High School

Andrew S. Garton             HPD                             Motor Officer/ Grew up Orange County

Leonard  Luna Jr.             HPD                             Motor Officer - North Torrance High

Anthony Tanori                ECPD                           Training Officer- North Torrance High

These brave young men fought the toughest battle anyone could fight, never giving up, battling to their very last breath. These young men are the true spirit of a hero, so let us all give! At the end of the drive, we are hoping to have a plague with the entire true Hero's name to hang at the American Red Cross Blood Center. HELP SAVE A CHILDS LIFE.                        


Manuel Vasquez Jr.                                                                                                                               Activity Coordinator                                                                                                                               Platelets For TEAM 307                                                                                                            



05/27/15 05:47 PM #15    

Ruth Cassidy (Arneson) (1965)

Class of 1965 50th Reunion Celebration 1962-1966 Classmates/Friends Invited, too!

Location: The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Redondo Beach
300 N Harbor Drive
Redondo Beach, Ca. 90277...

The Plan:
Many of us are looking forward to spending the weekend celebrating our 50th reunion with one another
and with other classmates/friends.

Our Special Event Schedule:

Friday, 8/14 - 5:00 pm "Meet N Greet" in the Splash Lounge at the Crowne Plaza Hotel followed by dinner
someplace on or near the Redondo Beach Pier and enjoying a "summertime concert" on the Pier.

Saturday, 8/15 @1:00 pm: West High School Campus "walk-about and photo shoot."

Saturday, 8/15 @ 5:00 pm: "Meet N Greet" Cocktail Hour (no host cash bar) in the Catalina/Bay Room at the Crowne
Plaza Hotel.

Saturday, 8/15 @ 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm: Dinner/Dance Celebration in the Catalina/Bay Room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

Contact Angie Ford-Green (Class of '65) at for further information and to confirm your
reservations with her for this special weekend with FRIENDS!

Ticket price $65 for the dinner dance.

This is going to be "Grrrrrreat!" We have a lot to celebrate. GO WARRIORS!

08/20/15 01:25 PM #16    

Debbie Estrada (Christian) (1980)

Greetings to you fellow WEST HIGH WARRIORS!

My name is Debbie Estrada- Christian.  CLASS OF 1980!!  Drill teamer!!!!!!!!!!!!


I do miss Torrance, well we called it Borance and the local newspapaer wer called the "Daily Sneeze"


Well, we are all a little older and hopefuly more muture and filled  w/ wisdom. God Bless whomever my classssmates that rec's this msg.


Yes, there was a typo, I live in Ash Fork AZ.  It listed it as Ash Fork Afghanistan. 


Miss you all

08/02/16 03:58 PM #17    

Rebecca Drolet (Bond) (1977)

Class of 1977 is coordinating two informal gatherings. One 8/19th & 8/20th. Please co sider and RSVP:

08/11/16 08:02 AM #18    

Jim Sage (1967)

Class of 1966 - I'm looking for contact information for Tom Fraser.  I think one of his brothers, either Bill or Mike, is still around somewhere.  Tom moved to Texas a few decades back, possibly in a relationship with Gaye (Smith) LaVallee (1968).  We went into the Navy together, kept in touch afterward for about a decade, then life got busy.  If anyone has heard anything about him or his family, please let me know:  Thanks!    Jim Sage (1967)

05/08/17 06:55 PM #19    


Kathy Fawley (Frankforter) (1971)

 Does anyone from the Class of 1971 know where Nancy Zielke is?   She and I were good friends during our junior year, and I always wondered what happened to her.    Many thanks! 

01/08/18 11:07 AM #20    


Dawn Mockett (Knott) (1967)

The class of '67 is hosting a lady's lunch on Feb 27 at 12 in Costa Mesa. If anyone is interested in joining us, please email me at or contact me through my Facebook page. Thanks,  Dawny Mockett Knott

03/08/20 09:46 PM #21    

Dana Severance (1985)


Have you heard anything about 1985 Class Reunion?  It's been 35 years since I graduate from West High School. 

Dana Severance

08/10/21 02:54 PM #22    

Cynthia Sawyer (Galli) (1976)

Does anyone have any film from the 1975 and 1976 band and drill team performances?  I would love to be able to show them to my kids!

08/11/21 11:11 AM #23    

Mike Hessing (1976)

Hi Cynthia,  I wish I did...I also wish someone had video of the varsity wrestling matches from '72 - '76

I would so very much enjoy seeing them !


10/03/21 06:54 AM #24    

Ed Taylor (1972)

71's 50th Reunion Photos

Greetings classmates...
It was great to see everyone last night and would also be great to see any photos that you may have taken at our reunion last night.
Please send them to

Steve Hassoldt

10/04/21 09:35 AM #25    

Mark Sappington (1981)

     Just a quick message to say how much I enjoyed getting together this weekend for the reunion.  Want to send a special Thank you to Mike, Sharon, and John for the fun stories.  The "Time Machine's" are great to go through, Thanks Mike.

     It was great to see all of you and I look forward to doing it again.  Thanks to those of you who made it as it was a great thing to be a part of.  The informal of the get together at the Homecoming game was perfect.  The dinner at the Marriott was super fun, you all looked so good.  The Bike ride/skate party at the beach was perfect... Still a little sore.

Those of you I missed connecting with I apologize to.  I realize how wonderful it was to be in your class as you are all special and uplifting people.

Blessing and kind wishes to you all.  


Mark Sappington

Class of 81.

10/04/21 09:39 AM #26    

Mark Sappington (1981)

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