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Patricia Crossland

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06/29/12 10:28 PM #1    

Al Coscia (1968)

Miss Croslland or Seniorita Crossland, as I called her in Spanish class was one of my favorite teachers and one of the most memorable people of my life. Many, many times I have recounted this story to my wife, friends and kids.

Miss Crossland and I hit it off very well, at the beginiing. Sometime in my junior year, something awful happened in my family. I started acting up. Acting like a fool sometimes because I couldnt cope so well. I took it out on "The Seniorita" and we would get into arguements right there in the classroom. She sent me to" Hawkins" office a few times which really wasnt my style, as I always tried to be a good student, but I pushed her hard.

One afternoon a note was sent to the classroom. It said, that my father, who was very ill,  had lapsed in to a coma and I was supposed to grab my little sister out of class and take her to the hospital

Seniorita Crossland looked at the note  then looked at me. She called me over to the side of the classroom  and at that moment realized that I was a kid with some troubles. She teared up and barely could squeak out "Oh... I am sorry"..... I told that story a lot, because, she WAS  sorry and we liked each other so much. She just couldnt figure out that I was not 100% on my game

God bless that sweet girl

08/10/12 09:36 AM #2    

Melinda Marquardt (Holley) (1972)

Oh, I loved her and Mr. Hartwell too. Anyone know the details of their passings?

They were two of my favories and I was thrilled when I found out they were marrying.

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