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George Kopecky

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01/25/12 07:56 AM #2    

Pam Browning (Kuntz) (1985)

Was always late for his class and tried to always sneak in.   I never got by...he always caught me.   I'll never forget that day when he said "don't knock it till you've tried it" (there is a story behind that).   I still talk about Mr. Kopecky.

06/13/12 06:15 PM #3    

Linda Joy Fisher (Guyan) (1966)

I got to take roll and grade papers for Mr. Kopecky .  I took him for english and I was so used to signing his name for fellow students that when I got my drivers license I actually signed his name on mine.  I was so looking forward to seeing him at the reunion so it goes to say I am so sorry he is dead.  He even let me grade some of his german class papers.  I never feft any thing but smart and happy when around him.  God speed.

06/20/12 02:47 PM #4    

Douglas Friedman (1974)

My "Adventures of Kommandant Kopecky" comics in the early '70s were a tribute to him and the sense of humor he did have, so much so that I wrote one in German for an assignment (marked up for my substantial grammatical errors), which he autographed and I treasure.  Miss him more than anyone else from the great facutly of those years!

07/03/12 12:54 PM #5    

Janet Pollard (Bohl) (1973)

Some of my best memories are from Herr Kopecky's German classes! I did roll, checked papers & homework off for him. Seemed like most of the football team & some of the track team was in our classes with him ie: Paul Smith, Craig Hanson, Doug Height, Mark Morrow. Gosh if I knew then what I know now ~ :-)) I could of had a ton more fun in his classes!
Mr. Kopecky was a bright, intelligent man with a wry sense of humor that always kept me attentive. Definitely one of my favorite classes as well as one of my very favorite teachers!
Blessings to him in his new journey~

01/31/13 03:37 PM #6    

Mike Hessing (1976)

I'll always remember George.  He called me hasslich in German class...instead of Hessing.  He was tough on me because my family knew how to speak Bavarian German and he would only accept "Hi German".  I was fond of him though..

05/13/13 03:02 PM #7    

James Usher (1965)

Seems like old Kopecky has more fans than most teachers.  I had him when I was a Sophmore for German and a French class in the summer. He was quite a character and held in esteem by many including yours truly.

05/08/14 05:57 AM #8    

Karen Champlin (Wong) (1970)

Mr. Kopecky was a great teacher.  I was an AFS exchange student in Germany and his prep assistance was invaluable.  I went on to get a degree in German and to work as a translator...  Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Kopecky!

05/09/14 09:41 AM #9    

Barbara Hill (1969)

My condolences to Mr. Kopecky's family.  I was so sorry to hear of his passing.  He had a talent for making learning enjoyable and he was so tolerant of all our antics.  I always looked forward to his class.

07/03/14 12:29 PM #10    

Cathy Hinesley (Mann) (1969)

I'm so sad to hear of Herr Kopecky's passing!  I had him for German for 4 years!  I loved his class!  We had great fun while learning. He had a great sense of humor, allowing us to remain kids while he taught us. I remember one day, he was explaining what we would be doing that day.  I wanted to let him know it was so much the same as every day.  But I had a problem with unconsciously substituting the wrong word sometimes.  I meant to say, "What a rut!"  Instead I said, "What a slut!"  Mr. Kopecky's leaned on his desk, looked at me, and said, "I beg your parden!".  What a twinkle in his eye, of course!

Thank you, Mr. Kopecky, for all our great memories!

10/27/20 08:04 AM #11    

Brent Stenhouse (1987)

Herr Kopecky.

He was a great teacher with a good heart and a playful sense of humor.

I used to greet Mr. Kopecky with characatures of him I'd draw on the chalk board, which, of course, he'd promptly erase upon entering the classroom, feigning pedagogical disgust.

I'd often fall asleep in his class, and after the bell had rung and everone had left, he'd kick the chair and just look at me with his arms crossed, rhetorically asking me how I was going to raise my grade in German if I wasn't getting any sleep at night or simply glaring at me with a twinkle in his eye.

He was a sweet man who was occasionally heckled by knuckle-dragging troglodytes, passing by his classroom, at which time he'd roll his eyes, March over to the door, and close it.

He's one of the most memorable teachers I had at West.

May he R.I.P.

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