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•   Sung Bin Im (1978)  8/25
•   Karen Weeks (Wilmarth) (1971)  8/23
•   Einat Turner (Sivan Levy) (1991)  8/20
•   Jessica Stennett (Sprague) (2009)  8/16
•   Connie Blunt (Beardsley) (1977)  8/13
•   Timothy Horist (1975)  8/12
•   Richard Plane (1973)  8/12
•   Cristiano Montiero (1992)  8/12
•   Max Ritsema (1963)  8/11
•   Kevin Johnson (1976)  8/11
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•   Karen Messinger (Sanchez) (1979)  8/28
•   Karen Meza (1995)  8/28
•   Carla Perry (Bardales) (1971)  8/28
•   Alyssa Rodriguez (2009)  8/28
•   Marcy Guy (Donnette) (1975)  8/29
•   Carol Kelly (Wassermann) (1970)  8/29
•   Evangelia Papageorge (Papageorge-Clark) (1991)  8/29
•   James D. Stroffe (1969)  8/29
•   Ron Chastain (1975)  8/30
•   Michelle Dudikoff (Meistrell) (1975)  8/30
•   Sharon Friedman (Levine) (1979)  8/30
•   Gary Hulsey (1969)  8/30
•   Kim Kastner (Greenwell) (1972)  8/30
•   Angelique Klobucar (Bull) (1987)  8/30
•   Michael Ma (Ma) (1996)  8/30
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 8.4%

A:   1982   Joined
B:   21633   Not Joined

If your class is planning a reunion please let me know and we can add the info to the UPCOMING REUNIONS Page of this website. Ed Taylor 424-343-9555 -


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If you would like to talk with the webmaster for this site, Ed Taylor, please call 424-343-9555

Digitizing '63-'79 WHS Choral Albums

Calling all past Students of the West Torrance High School Choral Program

As many of you may recall, vinyl recording albums were made of selections from choral performances from years '63-'79.  These were offered for sale to the singers, family and friends.  It is now our goal to digitize these vinyl albums and make the music available to you.

We have an agreement with Wes Dooley of Audio Engineering Associates, the original Recording Engineer (, for the digitization and clean-up of the files to the highest quality standards.  We are working backwards from the most current recordings and have already digitized the first 4 albums ’79, ’78, ’77 and ’76.  We would like to offer them to you at a modest cost to cover the expense of the digitization and distribution effort, both as reimbursement for the '76-'79 expenditure and to fund the next '72-75 albums.  No one is making any money off of this activity.  All proceeds collected will go entirely to cover the cost of digitizing and distributing the music to those persons that have contributed, with any addition monies contributed to the current WHS Choral Music Program.  

Anyone who contributes will have access to ALL the files in the collection as they are made available. The cost to digitize 4 years’ worth of recordings (8 albums) is $800. We feel that a minimum fair price of $40 is a good place to start. If you are willing to contribute more than that amount, then the earlier albums will be digitized sooner.

In order for this program to succeed, we need your help to pass the word along to those you are still in contact with.

To communicate, we will be using this website, as well as my Facebook page

For details on payment and delivery, contact Rick Moore at:

Thank you,
Donnelly Fenn & Rick Moore (Class of ’80)


Here's a little stroll down Memory Lane...

West High School

20401 Victor Street
Torrance, CA 90503


Opened in September, 1962. (45 acres obtained in 1959 for $703,000).

Additions in 1963, 1967, 1968, 1974. Reinforced concrete, 240,562 sq. ft., 9 buildings, 92 classrooms.

Construction cost: $7,238,000.

Serves area bounded by 190th Street, Hawthorne, Sepulveda and west city boundary.

Peak enrollment: 2,692 in 1976. Solar gym and other additions completed, 1976 at cost of $1,308,000.

Capacity: 3,000.

Remember the school newspaper, Smoke Signals? Here's a link to today's online version-







  Salty breezes sweeping o'er us.

Cries of gulls and terns on high.

Purple cast of distant mountains,

On the far horizon lie.

Hearts united in one purpose,

Hands clasped strongly in one tie,

We salute our Alma Mater,

Staunch defenders of West High.

Ken Myers - '63 
















Dear Warriors,

My beautiful and beloved sister Lynne Lester passed away in her sleep this morning.
Lynne's spirit and amazing attitude throughout her battle with cancer was truly inspirational.
Lynne was the class of "77" ASB President. She was one of the hardest working people I know and won awards for her work in the media industry. Her friends and colleagues are numerous and supported Lynne with love and affection throughout her battle.

I am so lucky and proud to have been her brother.
I am heartbroken that she is gone and miss her immensely already.

I see her spirit and love for life in my kids whom she loved so much as if they were her own.

God Bless my sister and may she rest in peace.

Her eternally grateful brother,

Steve Lester

Sadly Mr. Kreiswirth passed away on 9/6/14 according to his obit in the Daily a Breeze. An amazing artist and teacher! Sir Elton John purchased his artwork for himself as a birthday gift!

Does anyone know who is incharge of putting the Archive together for the Friday night gathering? I've found some stuff from the 1960's (handbook, Pics, Warrior Ways) that I could mail to be displayed if interested. Contact me.

Dan Lefebvre, 1967

Just a note to all of you who I was able to connect and talk with at the "50th". Trish and I had a great time, and it was such a joy to see many of you again after this many years. I wished that I would have been able to talk with more of you. The Friday night sing-a-long with Mr. Fenn was so much fun, and it brought back so many memories, and was a great reminder of why I chose music as a career and why I love to sing so much. Thank you again, and I hope to see you soon (maybe 5yrs from now).


One question; Did we have a "fight Song"?